The history of "Proxy-Ukraine" Ltd. begins with 2005, the company started with import and sales of foreign montage PU foams and sealants. We created the distribution network in Ukraine in the period from 2005 to 2007.

In 2007 first production facilities of manufacturing started produce acrylic sealants and liquid nails. Every day our team works under developing new products and expanding of sales network.
As of today, our production has the complete manufacturing cycle of the following products: montage PU foam, silicone and acrylic sealants, liquid nails, and other polymeric adhesives.

One of the basic principles of our company is production of high quality products.
The company "Proxy-Ukraine" Ltd. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of montage PU foams, sealants and adhesives.

Products manufactured by our company can be found under different trademarks in all regions of Ukraine, as well as in neighboring countries.

We achieved such great result thanks to our own modern production and logistics, as well as competent management, creating successful sales strategy.

Today, we produce:

Montage PU foams:

  • Polyurethane montage foam gun-type (860ml, 750ml)
  • Polyurethane montage foam straw-type (750ml, 500ml, 300ml)
  • Polyurethane glue-foam gun-type (860ml)
  • Cleaner foam (500ml)


  • Neutral silicone sealant (280ml)
  • Universal silicone sealant (280ml, 230ml)
  • Sanitary silicone Sealant (280ml, 230ml)
  • Acrylic sealant (280ml, 230ml)

Glue "liquid nails":

  • Liquid nails SuperPower (280ml)
  • Liquid nails white (280ml, 230ml)
  • Liquid nails transparent (280ml, 230ml)

Special adhesives:

  • Universal polymeric glue Drago-3000 (800ml, 400ml, 200ml)
  • Montage glue “Superstrong fixing” (1kg, 3kg)
  • Montage glue “for Bamboo" (1kg, 3kg)
  • Montage glue “for Decoration" (1kg, 3kg)
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